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A Bespoke Service

Every patient is unique, everyone has a different hearing loss and a different  lifestyle, which is why at Clinical Hearing Services Ltd we offer a  bespoke service that means that every hearing aid is custom made and tailored to the patient’s individual needs.

The initial consultation with us is free of charge and ongoing consultations and adjustments are included in the initial cost of the hearing instruments.

Digital Hearing aids have been around since the 1990’s and are constantly evolving. ‘Digital’ means that the hearing aid is a miniaturised computer. We can make the mini  computer do what we want and the price of the   hearing aid will depend on the capabilities of the ’chip’ inside, and what features we need the  hearing aid to perform for your lifestyle.

Selecting hearing aids with the appropriate features will depend on many factors. It is important that you choose the hearing aid that is best for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Remember that no hearing aid style is better than another: It is simply a matter of choosing the one that’s right for you.

Things to consider when choosing the right system for you

Lifestyle Needs

If you enjoy being outdoors, and have ‘outside hobbies’ such as walking or playing golf you may require wind noise reduction, likewise if you enjoy going to the theatre or playing bridge you will require a hearing aid that has background noise suppression we have the technology to suit you.

Manual Dexterity

ITC and CIC hearing aids are easy to insert but require steady hands.

Cosmetic Preferences

With the range of sizes, styles and colours available, it is simply a matter of choosing what will be right for you.

Ear Anatomy

Some ear canals are very tiny, making it almost impossible to fit a CIC. Also if you are bothered by itchy ears, excessive wax, discharging ears or tinnitus an in-the-ear hearing aid may not be appropriate and you may prefer to go for one of the popular, ultra discreet On the Ear models.

Remember when you purchase a Hearing System from Clinical Hearing Services Ltd the price quoted to you will also include free ongoing support and consultations for the life of the hearing aids, so it is an all inclusive package that gives you the ongoing support to ensure you always get the optimum from your hearing solution.

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